The most typical usage for corner bumpers is on canal and river motorboats. The risk of hitting another motorboat is increased in stretches of water in which there is not a lot room for motorboats to move. Corner fenders offer protection to all boats on the rivers and also provide you with security, letting you completely enjoy your boating experience.
Nonetheless, corner bumpers are not tied to river and canal boat usage. In case a watercraft frequently berths in a marina that will get very crowded, then corner bumpers can be a useful addition. The edges of a motorboat can be very prone to damage so protection is required when there is a possibility of them becoming involved with a collision.Corner, or transom fenders, are broadly considered to be the simplest way to protect your motorboat from the damage as a result of impact when the watercraft is being moored. They could be installed both to the motorboat itself as well as on the mooring berth also, which is certainly one of the characteristics which make this type of protection completely different from others available. Where it doesn’t differ from other types is that the major purpose of all fenders would be to protect the motorboat in question.

Corner fenders are only available as a sealed unit that cannot be re-inflated. Nonetheless, this will not affect the amount of time that the bumpers can be used for as they are manufactured to be durable and long lasting. They are once and for all connected to the watercraft, or marina, because they must be attached or nailed onto the corners. While other types of bumpers may be kept on the motorboat when cruising, corner fenders can not be lifted into the watercraft so it is important that you choose the very best fit visually. Corner bumpers come in varying sizes and they also can suit corners that range from 70 to 90 degrees. They’re very easy to install and are offered with installation clips which are horse shoe shaped. The typical colours for such bumpers are blue and white that allows these to blend in with nearly every watercraft in the water. They may be suited for most kinds of motorboat and the protection that they offer indicates that they are a feature which every motorboat owner should think about. This blog gives you more info related to fenders.

The key benefits of having corner fenders mounted on your boat are not limited only to you either. When corner bumpers are affixed to your motorboat, they not just offer protection to your property but even to other motorboats if an accident were to happen. Responsible watercraft owners use corner bumpers to limit the harm that might be done to other boats if a crash should occur, along with shielding their own boats. Sometimes, when it is only the fender that makes contact with another boat, then no destruction will be brought on at all.


Nautical clocks, barometers along with other technological devices can be used for the useful purposes they were created for or as a decorative feature in a room. If you are intending to buy a nautical clock or barometer, there are some things you ought to search for:


Are you searching for a brand new instrument or would you like a collectible? This is an important thing to take into account because it will impact the kind of clock or barometer you will choose, what you will pay and where you’ll look for it.


If you’re buying a tide clocks for decorative purposes, then it is possible that you won’t mind if it works or not. Make sure that you take this into consideration when you are purchasing it though. In case you are purchasing a new item, naturally, there has to be an expectation that it will work. Nevertheless, if you are purchasing an antique or even a fairly new second-hand barometer or ships time clock, then you will have to check that it is in full working condition before making your investment. Generally, you should expect to pay less for it or find out if it could be fixed by a professional.

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Should you be buying a used or antique ship barometer, always check to see if there’s any damage or not. Are the parts original? Was it reconditioned? Are there any obvious cracks, chips, splits, dents or missing components? While you may still proceed with the purchase, make certain you aren’t paying over the odds and that the wear and tear is taken into account when setting the price. If you feel the price is unfair considering the damage, then give a lower price. The seller might accept or meet you halfway.


The quality of a maritime barometer or a maritime wall clock is essential to a lot of people. You will need to take a look at what materials were used to make the item. Typically, you will find wooden and brass barometers. However, various woods and metals have different values and some are thought significantly less hardy, and some are considered to be quality materials. Like all items, there are some brands that mass produce products and other makes that are recognized for bespoke, quality production. It may be necessary to research the subject to find which the very best makes to search for are.


The product quality, age, make and condition of the product will all affect the cost. Unless you have an unlimited spending budget, you will likely set up a maximum amount of money that you will be ready to pay. Take a look at online auction websites or perform an Internet search to evaluate prices between different retailers and auctioneers. Furthermore, study recent sales on products so you know what to expect to spend.

Ships barometers and clocks are great technological instruments which are also aesthetically appealing. If you are planning to get such an item, then you will need to consider age, condition, quality and price before making your mind.

Boat fenders are widely used to protect the watercraft from damages when it is mooring. The fenders absorb the kinetic energy of the watercraft and in addition provide defense for the berthing structure. Most fenders that are used nowadays are portable and they could be placed on the side of the boat when it is approaching a dock or any other area for mooring. They can be useful for virtually any type of watercraft and it’s recommended that a minimum of a few fenders are used. There is no maximum amount of bumpers you can use but the owner of the watercraft is going to be restricted by the amount of space they’ve around the outside of the boat along with the space for storage inside.

Anchor Marine has been making fenders for more than fifty years and all of their items are created in the UK. The products are widely used by people who sail boats for enjoyment but they also very well liked with business users as well. This manufacturer is acknowledged in the industry for the premium quality of goods that they make. The vinyl fabric which is used to make their bumpers has been created using the assistance of research chemists and features elastic properties which protect them against bursting. A branding services are provided for business customers that can be used to display the emblem of the company on the fender.

A selection of different colours is offered for the bumpers. White and blue are the most popular choices, but they can be found in burgundy and black color. The colour that is chosen will depend on the preference of the owner. When more than one fender is required, which will probably be the case, exactly the same colour can be selected or they can choose a number of shades to liven up the appearance of the watercraft. This kind of design may work best on watercraft that provide rides to the public like river ferry boats. The bumpers are protected against UV damage so no matter which colour is picked, the boat owner can be certain that the colours will not fade.

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All fenders are evaluated in harsh conditions to make sure that they provide the best level of defense for the boat and definitely will stand up to the weather. The special marine vinyl that is used to make the bumpers delivers a higher resistance against bursting and they are also shielded from abrasion with unique thimbles preventing damage to the eye. The eyes themselves are strengthened for additional strength. In order to ensure that the bumpers are able to be made use of for a long period of time, they are immune to UV damage and they are weather stabilised. These bumpers have the ability to endure the demanding conditions that are sometimes encountered when sailing and can be seen as a good investment by any boat owner.